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A Spring In The Right Direction

When we think Spring we think of. ..what’s new and ready to bloom? So with the tweak to an old saying…

“The sense of spring surrounds the air, with the birth of new entertainment everywhere”

bespoke event entertainment

You know spring hits the UK when you feel the sun on your face for more than a couple of minutes. They call it, the season of new beginnings and that means to us a new creation of entertainment, light, colours to capture your attention in the moment.

So allow yourselves to dream a little… We know you are either looking for entertainment or that you love entertainment! So we have laid out small teasers of our entertainment bloomers to spark some creative idea’s and spring you in the right direction.

Crystal revolving on stage and ready to birth something new in the hearts of the audience during any event. Think ballet meets an elegant hand balancer moving to emotive music. For small or large scale events. This piece of performance is different every time to create an impact. A must for the emotive types.


bespoke event entertainment london

Perhaps your imagination is drifting you to a more dramatic and elaborate entrance for your audience? Meet our LED Drummers who like to create the WOW factor and combine light, drums and spark within the audience. We wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise but we will say that each time in each venue it has been something the audience has never seen before. A top quality, new, exciting way to liven up an event.

Champagne anyone? Entertainment does not need to run on the ground. We have thought outside the box and have way’s to mix, mingle and entertain from the air. We will leave you to ponder over that one and let your imagination speak for itself. Just think ‘celebrations, toasts and visually entertaining indeed’

Maybe you are looking for more of a mini production! We highly recommend a taste of the Immortal Chi. Widely known to cultivate an atmosphere with their dramatic performance of music and drums introducing the chinese culture of acrobatic music and multimedia images.

Why not add another bit of sparkle to your mix and mingle with our Contact Jugglers they stand out from the crowd with their beautiful and bizarre costumes interacting and mingling amongst the crowd and show off their skills and talents.

You know good entertainment hits you when you leave with a smile on your face. Entertainment is no longer the added bonus, but the essential part of every event. However small or big your event, our entertainment is the spring in the right direction you need to birth sombespoke event entertainment londonething new in the hearts of the audience.

We value every event, every client and act we come in contact with. We provide more than entertainment, but birth diverse creative idea’s every time. So get your spring hat on and contact us.


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