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African Drumming and Dance Workshops

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MishMash Management’s African group are a UK based African Entertainment Company that provide a variety of workshops and perform at many high profile events. They offer African Dance Performances, African Dance Workshop, African Storytelling, Drum Workshop, African Dance Fitness and African Live Bands.

The group comprises members from various African ethnic backgrounds. They believe that their traditional music can unlock ancestral vibrations that have been covered for centuries through powerful indigenous rhythms, songs and dance.

Their programs are centered on the heritage and spirit of African music, dance, storytelling and more. They are able to teach and inspire those interested in native African culture. They believe that music and dance can lift the spirit, help build stronger communities and promote understanding and tolerance.

The African troupe has extensive experience working with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. All of their teachers are CRB checked. The performances and workshops are safe, enjoyable, educational, entertainment, engaging, inclusive and cost effective.


African dance movements were often drawn from observations of the external world.
 It is very athletic and high energy and teaches how to move every part of the body to the rhythm. Students warm up with basic African movements and learn an authentic African dance. The workshops meet many requirements of the National Curriculum. Depending on age and ability, the dance workshops encourage students to move imaginatively, respond to music and to choreographic instruction and to perform to other students, parents and the public.


Drumming is an essential component of African dance. The energy of the drums forms a triad of music, dance and song, which is very important in African tradition. There is a certain heartbeat you feel when you connect with the rhythm of the drums.


The circus workshop can help reach many of the objectives;

– Teaches about personal space, working in groups and working one on one.

– Help pupils aim for goals which means each pupil will make a positive contribution which builds confidence

– Promotes good behaviour and anti-bullying.

– Through learning step by step in the circus workshops the children will be subconsciously learning logical thinking and problem solving.


There can hardly be a more vibrant and complementary educational experience than a live storytelling performance in school.
 Storytelling connects directly with the emotions  and imaginations of children, giving them a vivid example of the expressive power of language. Storytelling performance is great for children from Reception through to KS4.

For more information on booking our African group for your next workshop, contact us at  info@mishmashmanagement.com or call us on 020 35423243.

MMM African Dance Group from MishMash Management on Vimeo.

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