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The Acro Men

MMM The Acro-Men from MishMash Management on Vimeo.

Hire Corporate Entertainment, The Acrobalance Men

For more information on booking The Acro Men for your event, contact us at  info@mishmashmanagement.com or call us on 020 35423243.

The Acros-Men are David, Tony and Jamie – and very dashing young men they are! Firm believers that there is nothing in life that cannot be improved by the application of a good moustache, these three intrepid fellows set out to entertain, dazzle and amaze…

– Victorian Strongmen

Hailing from the golden age of music hall we are indeed proud to present the strongmen ‘Victor’, ‘Ian’ and their younger brother ‘Barnaby.’

Both on the ground and up in the air on the high trapeze the ‘Strong Brothers’ will perform extraordinary feats of strength, daring and balance.

They are sure to leave any audience stunned 
with appreciation. Roll up, Roll up for the
Greatest Show on Earth!

– City Slickers

Forget about balancing the books, these guys are able to balance on just about anything.

The cohort of “City Slickers” is ideal for creating a stir at any event.

Dressed in business suits and splendid bowler hats, they blend in with the crowd until they begin incredible displays of acrobatics. They are very interactive, often persuading people from the crowd into helping them out with their acrobatic antics, usually to the 
delight of all around! If the boardroom has to meet gender equality targets then they can arrange for a couple of acrobatic business-women to join the team.

– Circus Strongmen

Roll up, Roll up for the Greatest Show on Earth!

The amazing, fantastic and acrobatic “Strong Brothers” have entertained royalty all around Europe. They have tumbled for William the Conqueror! They performed handstands for King Louis X of France! They balanced on their heads for King Mohammed III of Spain!

Oooooh I say… Splish Splash!

These talented chaps are perfect for making a splash at any event 
with their quirky blend of cheeky humour and amazing acrobatics. With twirly moustaches and lots of banter, the bathers simply 
ooze both charm and hair gel. The bathers also have a couple of female bathing companions 
who can join them at events if required.

– Ho, ho, ho!

Funky Santa is on the loose, handing out merriment and mirth to one and all. Performing festive acrobatics with his elves, you won’t want to miss out on this feast of joyous entertainment. Just watch out when there’s mistletoe about, his funky moves will always attract some admirers.

– Super Mario

Badda-Boing! Spring into action with Mario, Luigi and the 
villainous Wario.

The crafty Wario can often be seen picking up a 
damsel from the audience with an amazing lift, 
while the cheeky Mario and Luigi are more 
likely to steal a quick kiss on the cheek!


“Thank you for all your help this weekend for the King’s Cross carnival, you were by far our most popular act and the crowd loved you! Your performance, humour and charisma really lifted and made the event, it was very, very much appreciated.” Rebecca Harmer (Network Rail)

“You were by far the best act of the British Chamber of Commerce Annual Ball in Hong Kong. You guys were absolutely hilarious and so incredibly talented. I absolutely loved your performance!! As did many ladies that evening, I’m sure. ;) Melissa Otto (RBS)

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