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Giant Robotic Spider

Hire Halloween Entertainment | Book Halloween EntertainmentThis giant robotic spider is a giant walkabout impact puppetry act measuring 3.5 x 5 meters.

This act is a terrifying giant spider that roams the streets looking for prey, or anyone brave enough to say hello!

The spider is a fully articulated inflatable puppet worn and operated by a single puppeteer. The inflatable nature of the puppet means that it is great for close contact work within crowded performance areas and always gets a huge reaction.

Dimensions of piece;

The spider puppet measures 5000 x 5000 mm on the ground with a height of 3500mm at its highest point

Due to its size the puppet cannot perform where there is a width restriction of less than 8000mm or height restrictions of less than 4000mm.

The puppet has a total weight of 20kg, which is carried as a backpack by the puppeteer.


This giant robotic spider puppet consists of an inflatable skin with aluminum skeleton and has eight articulated legs that mimic the motions of a real spider.

One puppeteer controls the giant puppet and there will be one technical supervisor on site to assist in the set up and take care of any technical issues that arise.

The act has a duration of 30 minutes and consists of a walkabout performance during which the puppet will travel along a street / streets or pedestrian areas and interact with the crowd.

The performance will require the assistance of 2 crowd control personnel to make sure that the public makes way for the spider as it roams about.

Previous Client List

Live Nation/ Insomniac INC/ ITV/ Electric Daisy Carnival/ Ockham’s Razor/ Witham International Puppet Festival/ Yellow Bird TV/ Cheltenham Science Festival/Artsbase/ Ikon Theatre/ Kinetika Artlinks international/ ICE London/ EEA London

For more information on booking the Giant Robotic Spider for your event, contact us at  info@mishmashmanagement.com or call us on 020 35423243.

MMM Giant Robotic Spider from MishMash Management on Vimeo.