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Hire Shadow Shows | Hire Shadow Dance Shows | Hire Shadow ActAvolve is an exciting show based around incredible capabilities, inventions and achievements throughout history.

Watch as the main character is taken on a journey to look back at what we’ve achieved! Stunning images are shown of building the first wheel; A pyramid; An Egyptian sphinx; Discovering gravity; Building a steam train; Electricity; Green energy with windmills; A car; Aero plane; Phone; The digital age with Wi-Fi, tablets, phones and cameras; Space travel and of course walking on the moon! The show is about our past, our growth, the present and looking optimistically forward to our future! Together, what can we achieve next?

Avolve are a team of ex-gymnasts and sports acrobats that create incredible balances, lifts, somersaults and dance all whilst melting their silhouettes into one unique and mesmerizing image, one after the other. This is a very creative and difficult process which shows off months of planning and rehearsals, incredible attention to detail and highly skilled acrobatics. Avolve is an inspiring piece set to an uplifting soundtrack, your guests will absolutely love it and leave feeling exhilarated!

Want to change any of the content to suit your culture/theme? Want your city skyline to appear in this show? Want to highlight a key figure of your choice? Want to incorporate your product/logo in the show? It’s all possible.

This is a 13 minute show that can be edited version to suit your vision.


“Perfect, absolutely perfect!” The Four Seasons Hotel

“…It was a great show. It got the attention of all the visitors. The performers were great. The client is so happy.” 

Bahar Bellisan, Istanbul Turkey

Previous Client List

Elle/ Adidas/ BP/ Land Rover/ Avon/ Superdrug/ Walkers/ T Mobile/ Wembley Stadium/ Dell/ Nivea/ Next/ Red Bull/ RBS/ Smirnoff

For more information on booking Avolve at your next event, contact us at  info@mishmashmanagement.com or call us on 020 35423243.

MMM Avolve – Shadow Dance Show from MishMash Management on Vimeo.