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Eleanor – Singer & Pianist

MMM Eleanor – Singer & Pianist from MishMash Management on Vimeo.

Hire Singers for Party, Hire Singing Artists, Hire Vocalists For more information on booking Eleanor the singer and pianist for your event, contact us at  info@mishmashmanagement.com or call us on 020 35423243.

Listening to Eleanor play and sing is to forget oneself. With her simply spellbinding voice Eleanor has captivated audiences throughout the UK.

She has the vocal versatility to set the scene for a delicate evening setting with a soulful tone and graceful style whilst holding in reserve a fiery, vibrant inflection to bring the atmosphere of an event to a new heights.

She is classically trained in piano and voice as well as musical theatre and jazz with an extensive performance history in both Leeds and London.


“Eleanor is a very rare talent indeed. Beautiful, heartfelt, sublime musicianship and a voice that effortlessly draws you into her world.” Marketing Manager, SPT Communications

“She is a truly captivating artist. She possesses a voice that simply raise the hairs on the back of your neck!” Alexis Softbourne, Private Client

“She has sung for us on a number of occasions and I will continue to keep booking her.” Paul Dunton, Promoter

“Eleanor is extremely talented. I haven’t come across a musician with her style and voice for a very long time, which not only allows her to stand out from the crowd but also adds to her uniqueness. She’s reliable, confident, professional and an artist who has been a great asset to The Music Wardrobe.” Alexandra George, The Music Wardrobe

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