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Vertical Aerial

Vertical Aerial EntertainmentThe Vertical Aerial Group was a project conceived in 1994 by the choreographer Wanda Moretti and the musician Marco Castelli, and it is based on the interaction between dance, music and architecture.

The Vertical Aerial group challenge gravity by using the void, the aerial dimension and the forms of landscape as a stage. Therefore becoming a different visual perspective and a new, unexpected and uncommon point of view. There are no borders nor roles, because everything has become a unique space gathered by the presence of the bodies, a space that changes only through movement and music. Live music completes the creation of which the audience and the location are integral figures.

Vertical Aerial offers each time a different way of observation the site, as not just a simple container for the event but as one that actually becomes an integral part of the performance. It is an utterly unique blend of live music, choreography and space. The whole effect is always different and it defies description since it changes as the setting changes.

Over the years the performance has developed into different choreographies on the façades of buildings, bridges, towers, lighthouses, cloisters, historical palaces, theatres, museums and industrial buildings.

Previous Client List

BMW/ Real Estate/ Nike/ United Colors of Benetton

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MMM Vertical Aerial from MishMash Management on Vimeo.