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Press Release – MishMash Management Presents Cirque Elemental Bolivia Tour 2014

MishMash presents Cirque Elemental - Bolivia Tour 2014Press Release; Friday 22nd August 2014

MishMash Management presents Cirque Elemental produced and directed by Incandescence Production Company.

MishMash Management and Incandescence Production Company will be bringing Cirque Elemental to Bolivia next week! This will be a historic tour, as it will be the first ever contemporary circus show to be seen in Bolivia, performing in three of the main cities; Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz.

Cirque Elemental’s debut in South America will involve a 30-person cast and crew. The show will present an international cast, diverse music score, world class circus performances through aerial and ground based acrobatics, fire dancing and original performances in ballet, opera, comedy and theatre.

Over the last 10 years Incandescence Production Company has performed in over 56 countries for Royal Families, Heads of State, World Cup Dubai, Grand Prix Malaysia, Grand Prix Singapore, Beyonce and Oz Fest.

The Director of the show Satya Lapham from Incandescence Production company says ‘This is the company’s first tour to South America and the whole team is very excited to be travelling to such an amazing country to perform one of our favourite circus shows.”

This 90-minute spectacular show will provide the very best in world-class circus entertainment. The tour will commence in Cochabamba on the 29th August.

Tour Dates

29th August – Cochabamba

30th August – Cochabamba

6th September – La Paz

7th September – La Paz

13th September – Santa Cruz

14th September – Santa Cruz

For tickets, please contact 222 60 02/7378 58 40


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