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Teneisha Bonner features in the Stylist

Teneisha Bonner in the StylistWe were very excited this morning at MishMash HQ when we came across this article of our amazing MishMash dancer Teneisha Bonner in the Stylist!

Teneisha is one of the most talented dancers within the dance industry. She has been performing in the industry the past 10 years and still has a strong dance career ahead of her. Professional dancers would only dream to have a career to last this long in such a competitive and gruelling industry. Teneisha has been lucky enough to perform with superstars such as Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas and Take That just to name a few. You might recognise Teneisha from her film debut as one of the lead roles in the original StreetDance 3D movie. In recent years you’re more likely to see her on the West End in ZooNation’s Some Like It Hip. For any new dancer looking to break into the demanding dance industry they should look at Teneisha as their role model. Her self-discipline and hard-work has got her to the place she is today. Check out Teneisha’s one-day diary in the Stylist.

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