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Top 10 Dance & Entertainment Moments 2013


We’re nearly at the end of January and it feels like only yesterday we were in the midst of the crazy Christmas season! So, before it’s too late, I want to share my Top 10 favourite Dance and Entertainment Moments of 2013.

10. Girls Aloud Reunion Tour

To celebrate their 10-year milestone, Girls Aloud came back together for one last Greatest Hits tour. I don’t think we’ll be seeing them perform as a 5-some any time soon, but at least we have this fantastic tour as a lasting memory for the princesses of pop!

9. Justin Timberlake’s Comeback

This year, Mr Snakeskin trousers himself – Justin Timberlake, made his musical career comeback. Justin’s first release was Suit and Tie – and it was epic. As much as I love Justin’s moves, I want to share this video of some of my own talented dancers who put together the smoothest choreography that I’ve seen in years. Choreographed by Miha Matevzic and performed by our MishMash Agency Dancers; Tomas Simon, Israel Donowa and Wolfgang Mwanje.

8. Ylvis – The Fox (What does the fox say?)

This has to be the most random music video from 2013. The pop tune annoyingly sticks in your head and the video is almost traumatizing. Nonetheless, you can’t deny it certainly keeps a lasting memory!

7. One Direction taking over the world

Who would have thought it – 5 young guys from the UK taking over the world, breaking all sorts of records, and becoming bigger than The Beatles!!! Simon Cowell must be rubbing his hands in delight!

 6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – New Musical

The eagerly anticipated film adaption of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made its world musical theatre premiere in June of last year. With award winning director Sam Mendes, it was guaranteed to be a winning formula!

 5. Robin Thick’s Controversial Music Video

This is a brilliant example of how to get publicity. Make a great track with a controversial music video and you’re guaranteed a No1 spot.

4. Shadow Theatre of Attraction wins Britain’s Got Talent

This act was undoubtedly the most original performance we have seen on Britain’s Got Talent. Even though this group is Hungarian, they managed to make the performance feel so British by cleverly using the music from Land of Hope and Glory along with the voice of Winston Churchill.

 3. The Great Gatsby

This film delivered vintage chic to the masses by bringing back the roaring 20’s in style; featuring the likes of the Charleston dance and the flapper girls.

2. Beyonce and Destiny’s Child performance on the Super Bowl

Any girl who grew up in the nineties will back me up and say how amazing it was to have Destiny’s Child back together for this performance. As you would expect from Beyonce, the performance’s choreography, music and production was absolute perfection.

 1. Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke MTV Awards

Whatever your opinion of her may be, this has got to be the most memorable and entertaining moment of 2013. Take it away Miley…

Blog written by Abi Owens Managing Director of MishMash Management and edited by Jake McGrory


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